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Restoration & Maintenance - Car sales - Spare Parts
Restoration & Maintenance

"To restore" is from the Latin "Restaurare": To repair, renovate or revert something to its previous condition or value.

Spanish Language Dictionary. Royal Spanish Academy.

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Getting started

Puesta en marcha de la restauración

Once the customer decides to entrust us with the job, an internal Restoration Supervisor is appointed who will be responsible, under the Restoration Manager's supervision, of the work done on the vehicle. At an internal level, two work books are issued and bound. The first of these, the Restoration Book, collects all the information about the required work that the vehicle will need. The Restoration book issues progressively as the vehicle is disassembled. It comprises all information concerning work to be performed on the removed parts and restoration decisions to be taken: their repair, replacement or use as valid parts. The Restoration Book provides the labour budget. The second book is the Spare Parts Book which tells us which spare parts are to be replaced and enables us to develop a spare parts budget. Replaced parts are marked in the book itself. Knowing the cost of the new part enables us to assess the recovery cost and decide on the best option having in mind the client's saving.

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