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Restoration & Maintenance - Car sales - Spare Parts
Restoration & Maintenance

"To restore" is from the Latin "Restaurare": To repair, renovate or revert something to its previous condition or value.

Spanish Language Dictionary. Royal Spanish Academy.

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Organizing the restoration process

Organización de la restauración

Key to the success of the restoration process, once the vehicle supervisors have been appointed, a physical space must be assigned to locate the vehicle and any parts removed. Under the strict control of the Restoration Manager, all disassembled parts are sealed in plastic boxes with a reference number and the corresponding worksheet of the Restoration book specifying the work to be performed on each part. All these properly organized boxes are arranged on the corresponding shelves and used throughout the restoration process. This ensures the immediate location of any piece and reduces the risk of loss or damage of the parts removed.

As work progresses all the information about the restoration is made available in a private area for the customer to monitor the process. All information on the work and its progress is available on the Internet by means of extensive graphical and information reports without needing to visit our facilities.

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