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Restoration & Maintenance - Car sales - Spare Parts
Restoration & Maintenance

"To restore" is from the Latin "Restaurare": To repair, renovate or revert something to its previous condition or value.

Spanish Language Dictionary. Royal Spanish Academy.

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Final assembly and road test

Finalización de la restauración, ajuste final y rodaje

At Cochera, once the restoration work has been completed, the most delicate part of the work begins: the road test, checking all settings of the installed parts and solving all the little hitches that arise to ensure customer satisfaction.

The final assembly, the genuine details and finishing touches must be attained with utmost care to guarantee the success of the restoration process. Vehicle tests over more than 1500km in different scenarios, as realistic as possible, allow us to verify that all systems are in optimal operating condition, and that any possible problem is found and solved before delivery of the vehicle.

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