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Restoration & Maintenance - Car sales - Spare Parts
Restoration & Maintenance

"To restore" is from the Latin "Restaurare": To repair, renovate or revert something to its previous condition or value.

Spanish Language Dictionary. Royal Spanish Academy.

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Delivery and Restoration Report

Entrega del vehículo y Dossier de Restauración

After testing the vehicle and once verified that it is ready for delivery, a last test is performed known as the "Pre-delivery test" whereby the vehicle is checked one last time. Out of experience, we often suggest to clients the possibility of a tourist weekend-outing in the surrounding areas near Cochera, which is located in a privileged environment, has many scenic locations and roads to try out the vehicle. This weekend in the surroundings is designed for customers who do not live near Madrid, in order that they themselves verify that everything, absolutely everything is perfect.

All graphic reports existing in the private area which have enabled the client to monitor the progress is used to create a restoration dossier in order to provide a certificate of the work performed by Cochera. All complete restorations conducted by Cochera have a two-year guarantee.

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